Welcome to the attic

Max Peh/ Creative director/ HaarAttic

Welcome to the Attic 

In HaarAttic, I truly believe living with an open heart. It’s a relaxing environment both for our clients and the team. Chill and relax is how you will feel and how we want everyone in haarAttic to experience.

We are constantly so busy with our work and daily activities that sometimes or rather the entire time, we missed out on truly living. Enjoying the moment and be in the moment. Allow yourself to relax and immerse in the wonderful self care session each time you visit HaarAttic.

Now a little more about HaarAttic.

HaarAttic was founded in 2006 Nov. Nothing, yet much has changed since. The cosy and down to earth approach has since became the root of the salon soul. Living in harmony with the keong Saik shophouse space we are located in. From the interior to the personality in HaarAttic, you will be able to see the homely connection. Along with our belief in living with our hearts open, we create hair that makes you feel where you belong, enjoy and be confident with.

Rain or shine. Sad or happy. Busy or free. We need to give ourself the care and love we need and yearn. Do the first minor step and make yourself feel good. Smile looking at yourself.

We all deserve a smile to ourself Everyday.