The haarAttic “Style”

Taken while walking around italy. Camera: konicaPop Film type: 35MM

Style is a distinctive manner of expression.

Be it your hair, your clothes, the way you talk to the way you walk. There is a style, and it has to be your distinctive manner of expression. Be it mild or exaggerated, it is your style.

I am no fashion guru. And I ain’t a master of style. But I truly believe when the style is yours, it will work. And it shines. It should come effortlessly and you should be able to feel the enjoyment in your style.

So the question is, how do i look stylish? What does stylish means to you?

More than often i have client asking for the most in-trend hair style and Color. But does the required styling and up keeping makes you feel dreadful? Or do you truly enjoy the process of looking stylish?

Style comes in many forms. And I believe there has to be some form of enjoyment to truly bring out the style. Like feeling good and happy in the hair style and feeling comfortable or even great with the product used. Enjoying the process of creating the style from the blow drying process to the application of product is essential.

Style needs love, pure love, just like every other aspects in life. Start putting your unconditional love to create the style and it will flow. And we might be surprise how it actually makes us feel.

Looking good definitely requires some effort. Even for the best looking person ever born.

So start making yourself look good. And feel the goodness it brings to your everyday life.