Taking care of your hair.

Taking care of hair isn’t that difficult afterall. 

Understanding what type of hair texture and density you have is important to hair care regimen.

Usually it can be categorize into two type of texture and density.

For texture, is your hair straight or curly/wavy?

For density, is it thick or thin?

Lets mix them up and explain the necessary care needed. Remember there isn’t a fix way to care for your hair. There is never a standard combination of hair density and texture as well.  Worked out your preference and treat your hair right. The following care tips is applicable to both men and women, so let’s start the care for our hair now.


Straight and thick

Usually thick and straight hair can means stiffness which requires some form of softening. A deep moisturising shampoo and conditioner definitely helps. Hair mask nourishes and soften the thickness of the hair.  I will strongly suggest using oil based moisturiser to tame the thickness and create softness.


Straight and thin

This is rather common in asian hair. Thin and straight hair can caused extreme flatness. So remember, nothing too heavy should be applied to the hair. Light shampoo and conditioner should be used. And any conditioner applied should be followed with a thorough rinse to prevent weighing down the hair.

Blow drying can be the best option to create volume. Thus using an appropriate texturising spray like sea salt or volumizing spray may be essential. If moisturiser is something you can’t live without, a water base to light cream base moisturiser will be good. Fixing spray will be the solution to definite hold in a humid country like Singapore.


Curly/wavy and thick 

Puffiness is the chaos here. Volume hair looks great but unruly curls and extra volume can weigh one down and add a few more years to your look.

Deep nourishing is needed here. A moisturising shampoo and conditioner should be used. And follow with a regime of  hair mask once or twice a week will be ideal. It will help tame down the unruly curls and controls the volume.

Oil based serum or cream based moisturiser will give the curls a softness and give it a natural shine it needs. Pay extra attention to the way you apply these products. Making sure even and thorough application from mid lengths to ends of the hair are important. Don’t be afraid to massage your hair shaft a little. As long as you are not ripping them apart, you are safe.

Some might even want to try out applying wax to style and enhance the curls into the wave you want it to be.


Curly/wavy and thin 

I realise thin and curly hair usually comes with frizz. Sometimes lots of it. And sometimes even as wavy or curly as it can be, it does not come with the right form of volume. It can be annoying to handle. But you just need to know what to use and what to do.

Moisture is essential. Shampoo and condition it with nourishing products.

Blow drying will create the volume you need and tame the frizz. Always use a heat protector when blow drying to prevent over drying the hair.

Apply a cream based moisturiser to tame the frizz. And a styling wax to create the curls and waves you desire. Fixing spray to hold the volume will be a fantastic choice to make.


Don’t be afraid to trial and error with the products, but do not buy products anyhow. Consult us about your hair to understand what will be the best product to use and what hair cut and style will go along with your hair’s natural texture and density. And to better understand how to blow dry and create the look you desire.

Feel free to come down and meet us and understand what you truly need.


Yours truly,

max Peh