Easy and Effective Hair Treatment – Mucota Scena

Taking care of the hair has never been so effective and easy. Recently I tried out Mucota Scena treatment and I’m pretty impressed with the result. I shall do a basic introduction to the treatment. The below are my knowledge regarding the products. And in my own words.


It consist of five steps. It’s a treatment that is suitable for chemically treated hair. Thus doing this treatment after a chemical service will rebuild the moisture and make it soft and healthy.

Firstly, the hair is shampoo and rinse. Follow that will be the first step ETHOS.  This step is to cleanse the hair deeply, washing out any chemical product build up. Thus allow the following steps to be well absorbed by the hair.

Second step will be SCALP SPA. This is a part that i like about the product as usually scalp treatment are drying for the hair. But this step isn’t drying at all, it feels soft on the hair. Applying it onto the scalp and massage for a couple of minutes. This will deep cleanse the scalp and make it feel fresh and Light.

Third step is CALORE  which is the procedure to moisturise the hair. This step is applied to the hair section by section. And massaging it thoroughly into the hair is crucial.

Something i realise about this series of treatment is the way the product is apply. It requires attention and effort to massage it well into the hair for the optimum result to show. Thus we, Haar Attic is your best choice for the service 😉 haha

Fourth, ADEL and fifth step BRAVA are apply one after the other after rinsing off step three. This two steps help to seal up the moisture and nutrients that has been deposited into the hair so far, maintaining the shine and softens the hair.

 I personally love the notes of floral scent here. Nothing overwhelming, just enough for the senses to register.


It is effective to soften and moisturise the hair. With proper understanding of the hair condition and delicate attention given during the application of each steps, Mucota Scena is the treatment for anyone who longs for soft, moisture hair without compromising the movement in your hair. Thus given a natural soft look.