Taking care of your hair.

Taking care of hair isn’t that difficult afterall.  Understanding what type of hair texture and density you have is important to hair care regimen. Usually it can be categorize into two type of texture and density. For texture, is your hair straight or curly/wavy? For density, is it thick or thin? Lets mix them up and…

The haarAttic “Style”

Style is a distinctive manner of expression. Be it your hair, your clothes, the way you talk to the way you walk. There is a style, and it has to be your distinctive manner of expression. Be it mild or exaggerated, it is your style. I am no fashion guru. And I ain’t a master…

Welcome to the attic

Welcome to the Attic  In HaarAttic, I truly believe living with an open heart. It’s a relaxing environment both for our clients and the team. Chill and relax is how you will feel and how we want everyone in haarAttic to experience. We are constantly so busy with our work and daily activities that sometimes…

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